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Kårkaféerna is operated by the economy sector of the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University. The company is owned by students and alumni. We offer affordable student lunches but are happy to welcome everyone to enjoy our reasonably priced and tasty meals.


We aim to be as green as possible. We buy seasonal ingredients and choose local products, when possible. We are continuously developing our operations and services to make our business more sustainable. Read more here.

Tasty and healthy food, every day

We offer meals full of nutrition and taste to boost your day and give you the energy you need. We always offer a variety of options and we do our best to take every diet into consideration. We find our inspiration from different food cultures, and are eager to try new things and trends.

Joy and community

Our restaurants are usually filled with laughter and the sound of people enjoying themselves. To us, eating is more than filling up on energy – it is a chance to meet friends and share the highlights of our day. We hope that our restaurants are places where you can feel at home, and where new friendships are formed.


Our everyday challenge is to use as sustainable ingredients as possible while at the same time continuing to provide affordable meals. We carefully plan our menus to reduce the amount of food waste in our restaurants and follow up on it every day. Additionally, we encourage our customers to bring their own cups and jars for take away.



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