Do you remember the plate model?


Kela’s meal subsidy is 2,55 € / meal, which means that the price for a student lunch is 2,95 €. You can get meal subsidy if you are completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a bachelor’s or master’s level degree in a university of applied sciences, or a university-level occupational or specialization program that qualifies you for financial aid for students in Finland. Exchange students also get meal subsidy for the duration of the exchange.

Kela’s meal subsidy covers a meal that consists of:

  • ½ salad, vegetables, and salad dressing
  • ¼ carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, or pasta
  • ¼ protein source like fish, meat, or vegetarian protein
  • Bread with spreads
  • Drink

In order to be able to serve student lunch, the meal must consist of these ingredients, also in terms of volume. Thus, the warm part of the meal should not occupy more than half the plate. In order to make student lunch possible, these guidelines have to be followed. For a larger portion, we charge 2 €.

You get meal subsidy by showing a valid student card, digital or physical with a valid academic year sticker in the student restaurant. The student card should be presented at every meal.

A student lunch covers 1/3 of a student’s daily energy needs. Therefore, it is important to follow Kela’s recommendations regarding the plate model. A student lunch according to the plate model contains energy, fat, protein, and carbohydrates according to the Finnish nutritional recommendations. Nutritional content according to Kela’s guidelines is marked with a star (*) on the lunch list.


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