New operational manager

Tomas Hägg was employed as a new operational manager by Kårkaféerna on the 1st of November 2021.

The job as an operational manager is new and it was created for futher developing the business. Kårkaféerna wants to serve an experience of high class and good taste to the guests, also in the future.

Tomas Hägg has a broad experience of service related work, for example as a chief purser at the seas.

“Tomas contributes to Kårkaféernas as an operational manager with many new ideas and a broad industry knowledge. Collaborating closely together with the financial board and the whole team, we take Kårkaféerna to a new level.”, says executive director Susanna Häyry. 

Tomas works on developing the business together with the personnel at the same time as he works closely with co-partners. Tomas speaks Swedish, Finnish and English, something Kårkaféernas is known for.

“I look forward to continuing working on the work already done and to, together with personnel, further develop Kårkaféernas restaurant and café business. We see opportunities in our catering and we want to keep an open mind for all kinds of new opportunities.” says Tomas Hägg.

The whole personnel wishes Tomas welcome to Kårkaféerna. The restaurant chefs at Kårkaféerna are still in charge of the good and sustainable food, and the wellbeing of the customers.