Welcome to Kårkaféerna

We have five restaurants: four are located in Åbo Akademi University’s buildings and the fifth in the student union building on Hämeenkatu. Lunch menu changes every day, so you can choose according to the menu or your regular favorite!

In our newest restaurant, Aurum, we serve nutritious lunch, Aurum bowls, delicious homemade baked goods, a varying selection of takeaway products and much more. In the bistro we serve everything from a new take on our popular bowls to different kinds of soul foods. Aurum serve Late lunch and lunch on Saturdays too! 

In the atmospheric Arken, you can enjoy your meal surrounded by great architecture. Here, we put in extra effort to offer great vegan dishes.

The student union house, or “Kåren”, is designed by architect Erik Bryggman. At Kåren, you can sense the history of the student union. Enjoy your home cooked meal in a real retro environment.

(Open only according to agreement from 1.11.2021) The central restaurant Gado serves homecooked meals inspired by all corners of the world. 

(Closed temporarily) ASA is the smallest of our restaurants in size, but we refuse to compromise our menu. Make yourself at home!

Contact us!

Contact us!